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Thomas Jonker in Norway

Thomas Jonker is

a passionate musician

from the Netherlands. Although he took piano

lessons at a young age,

it was his love for

movies and videogames

that got him into

practicing his favourite

soundtracks at age 15.

Greatly inspired by the likes of Kyle Landry and AtinPiano, he got better quickly. In 2017 he wrote his first ever piano arrangement. By now he has created and shared over 50 piano arrangements, which generated over 3 million views on his main YouTube channel. 

Meanwhile Thomas has developed a special interest in other genres of music, like classical piano. He strives to make music his fulltime career! 

Did you know?


Thomas was born in 1999, on the 5th of August. 


Thomas was born and raised in Amsterdam,

the capital city of the Netherlands.


Music is his passion, but Thomas is also studying law at the Free University of Amsterdam.


As of August 2022, it is possible to book Thomas for a real life performance!

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