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Are you looking to start your piano journey, 

or take it to a whole new level?

Then study under my wing!


I am both traditionally schooled and self-taught, which has accumulated in 15+ years of playing experience in a variety of music genres. I've really tried it all on the piano, so there is no doubt I can help you out!

Birthday Presents


Being my student includes more than just receiving piano lessons - I'll make sure to provide you with plenty of MIDI files, discount codes, and other useful resources.


You're free to swing by my home in Amsterdam anytime you like, but if you prefer taking online lessons from the comfort of your own home, we can also arrange that!

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Fully personalized

Based on your interests! 

For example, we could work on your technique, musicality, musical ear, music theory, etc.

30 or 60 minutes long

Other lesson durations are also possible by agreement.

Practical & inspiring

My goal is to make you passionate about the piano and get you to work!

I'll provide you with tips & tricks that you can apply yourself in no time.

Weekly or biweekly

Other scheduling is also possible, but keep in mind that consistent lessons are the best way to improve yourself.


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So you're ready to improve your piano virtuosity? How exciting! To get things started, I would like to ask you some questions. Then, if I think we would be a good fit and I have enough time to spare, I'll invite you to an online introductory meeting ASAP! There we can discuss the details of your lessons.

If you have specific questions about my teaching, feel free to send me a message here first.

Request piano lessons

Thanks for your request! I will contact you soon.

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